Seeking Passionate Researchers

Are you fascinated by the ever-evolving worlds of cybersecurity and machine learning? Do you consider yourself an outlier and not afraid to question the norms? Are you a crazy thinker with entrepreneurial tendencies? Our research lab is not just a place of work; it is a hub of innovation and collaboration. More important than skillset and resume, you need to fit into our culture:

  1. Innate aspiration for excellence: We seek individuals with an optimistic outlook who can deliver swiftly without compromising quality standards.
  2. Non-mimetism: Ensure you have a compelling rationale for your actions. We don’t follow trends or external hype; instead, our decisions should ideally stem from our own comprehension of the world, anchored in the reasons guiding our actions.
  3. Swift pace and superior quality: We aim to progress rapidly, ensuring we move in the right direction. It is essential not to compromise quality for speed; we must achieve both concurrently.

Your Journey with Us

We are on the hunt for passionate Ph.D. and postdoctoral candidates who align well with our culture and values! If this is you, then join our journey!

Minimum requirements:

  • Postdoc Candidates:
    1. One or more publications as the main author in reputable outlets such as IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, IEEE S&P, ACM CCS, or ACM USENIX.
    2. Your research experience should closely match ours. Given the typically brief duration of postdoctoral periods (1-2 years), there is limited time for divergence or acquiring expertise in different areas. Therefore, your background should directly correlate with our recent publications.
  • Ph.D. Candidates:
    1. A first-class MSc in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, or a closely related field with a minimum CGPA of 17+/20 or 80+/100.

A Kind Note: At the moment, we are focusing on Ph.D. and postdoctoral roles and won’t be accepting master’s students. However, if you are interested in a master’s degree, do check out our Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence program. It is a great opportunity!

Hiring Process

All Ph.D. and postdoctoral candidates, regardless of their background, CGPA, or track record, must go through the following process before receiving an offer:

  1. Prepare for a 30-minute introductory interview with Dr. Dehghantanha, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your compatibility with the lab’s research focus, culture, and core values. The discussion will delve into your pursuit of excellence, motivations for joining the lab, identification as an outlier, and dedication to maintaining high standards and a strong work ethic. Be ready to articulate these aspects effectively during the interview.
  2. Typically, only 1 in 5 applicants successfully advance past the initial screening to reach this stage. At this point, you will engage in a remote project alongside one of the lab’s Ph.D. or postdoc students. These projects typically span 2-3 months, encompassing ideation, implementation, and the documentation of papers. As we assess your technical proficiency and writing skills, we evaluate your compatibility with our lab. Mandatory weekly calls with your project supervisor will be required to ensure ongoing collaboration, progress updates, and joint efforts to deliver high-quality work.
  3. Typically, 1 in 3 applicants successfully advance through step 2. If you’ve reached this stage, we are ready to offer you. You can start at almost any time throughout the year and have the privilege of joining our weekly and monthly calls and participating in our discussions!

How to Apply

  • Ph.D. Candidates: Email your CV and MSc transcript (unofficial transcripts are initially acceptable). You do not need to provide an English score until you passed Step 2 above, but note that we cannot make an offer (Step 3) until you meet the Department of Computer Science minimum English requirements (See: and provide an official MSc. transcript.
  • Postdoc Candidates: Email your CV.